"Brett designed our house based on a list I created of what we would like. He managed to create a home for us that had everything I asked for and we love it!"


    "We used Brett for our house plans etc, so we can highly recommend his work, professional and easy going manner, resulting in a completely satisfied outcome."


    "We had a wonderful experience with Brett and highly recommend his service. His workmanship is flawless and he is very easy to get along with. Thanks for a wonderful job!!"


    "Our company LB Building Pty Ltd has been working with Treadlite Designs (formerly BKD Design Drafting) for over 5 years. Brett's design work, customer service and experience has been of the highest quality and we would recommend Brett as a building designer. We continue to use Brett as he keeps our clients happy, his plans are easy to interpret and work with on site and he is very easy to communicate with."

Tips for first time renovators

Renovating can be so exciting. Taking a home that you love and putting your own touches on it, changing those little things that have always bugged you or adding the extra space that your family needs is fun and exciting to consider. Unfortunately, by the time most people have finished a renovation much of the excitement they started out with has gone as the process isn’t quite what they thought it would be. Hopefully by sharing our experience we can help you avoid many of the pitfalls and make your renovation experience a positive one!

We have designed hundreds of home extensions and personally renovated a number of homes as well. See below for our top tips for making your project successful and stress free (well almost 😊)!

  1. Get really clear on your budget. Obviously, a major factor in considering renovating your home is how much can you spend all up on the project. Speak to the bank and get a really good idea of how much you can afford or are willing to spend on bringing your ideas to life.
  2. Engage a good building designer early in the process. It goes without saying that the most important aspect of a project is the design phase. It is a good idea to speak to a building designer as early in the process as possible as they will save you so much time by only considering options that are realistic for your budget. A good designer will also make sure that your home flows well and is well considered and resolved, making it a pleasure to live in. Treadlite designs offers a free initial consultation where will chat with you about your ideas, share our thoughts and help you negotiate the next steps. See our blog “Do you need a Building Designer, Architect or volume builder?
  3. Think about what you don’t like about your current home and how you will use the new space. It is important to think about what you are missing in your home and how you will use the new spaces. Would you like to be able to entertain outside, have more room in your living area, a walk-in robe, an extra bedroom, an ensuite or an island bench in your kitchen? Let us know your current problems and let us work out a solution for you.
  4. Understand it will take time. It is a fact of renovating that the process takes a significant amount of time. You can expect the planning process to take at least six months and building time varies from 6 weeks to 12 months or longer.
  5. Choose the right builder. Once you have your plans ready to go it is important to get quotes from more than one builder. Just because you have used someone before, or they are a familiar name doesn’t mean they are right for your project this time around. Getting more than one quote helps with your decision-making process as the builders should give you detail about what is and is not included in their quote. Keep in mind that the cheapest quote may not always be the best fit for your project. Check the builders previous work and make sure they have the experience and attention to detail you are looking for.
  6. Move out during building works. While it may seem overkill to leave your home while the builder is working it may actually save you time and money to do exactly that. If there is none living in the home the builder can save time by turning off the power and water, not having to move mess at the end of each day, not having to worry someone might get hurt and so on. Try to move or cover your furniture with plastic and see if you can stay with a friend or relative for the time it takes to get the job done.
  7. Enjoy! It is safe to say this is the best part of the process. Sit back and enjoy living in the home of your dreams!