"Brett designed our house based on a list I created of what we would like. He managed to create a home for us that had everything I asked for and we love it!"


    "We used Brett for our house plans etc, so we can highly recommend his work, professional and easy going manner, resulting in a completely satisfied outcome."


    "We had a wonderful experience with Brett and highly recommend his service. His workmanship is flawless and he is very easy to get along with. Thanks for a wonderful job!!"


    "Our company LB Building Pty Ltd has been working with Treadlite Designs (formerly BKD Design Drafting) for over 5 years. Brett's design work, customer service and experience has been of the highest quality and we would recommend Brett as a building designer. We continue to use Brett as he keeps our clients happy, his plans are easy to interpret and work with on site and he is very easy to communicate with."

Tips for building a custom designed home

Rather than buying a pre-prepared design from a volume builder many people are opting to design their own home from scratch. One of the most exciting things about building is the chance to have everything just the way you want it. It isn’t always possible to customise the builders existing plans enough to make the home exactly what you want. Often people think they either have to choose an existing design or use an architect but you can have your cake and eat it too!!! By working with a Registered Building Designer, you can avoid the high cost of an architect or expensive alteration fees from volume builders. Once you have found your Building Designer here are our “Top Tips for Designing your own home”.

  1. List the things you love (and hate) about your current home – now is the time to really reflect on how you use your current home and what works and what doesn’t. Are you struggling with less bedrooms than children? Do you have to carry your washing through the whole house to get to the washing line? Is your home a country style and you prefer modern or vice versa? By having a clear list of the things you do and don’t like your building designer can make sure these are not a problem in your new home.
  2. Consider how much storage you need – there is nothing better than having a place for everything. Getting really clear of what your ideal storage needs are means that when you finally move into your new home you know exactly where everything will go!
  3. Think about your hobbies and lifestyle – at this stage of planning you can really make your home your own. If you work from home consider a home office or study nook. If you have hobbies such as painting that require space make sure your designer finds a way to work these into your design
  4. Pay attention to the way you live – Do you entertain a lot? Do you like to spend time in a quiet space all of your own? Do you love to look at the outdoors? Do you like your house to warm or fresh? All these things can be considered in the planning of your home if your Building Designer knows about them and these are the types of things that will make your house perfect for you!
  5. Trust your designer to do the rest – Once your Building Designer knows what you do and don’t want in your home let them do their thing. Your designer is an expert in considering and incorporating all your wants and needs as well as factoring in the orientation, block limitations, building code requirements, energy efficiency and building materials. They will come back to you with a preliminary design which of course you have the ability to tweak but if I had a dollar for every time a client said “Wow I never would have thought of that!”