"Brett designed our house based on a list I created of what we would like. He managed to create a home for us that had everything I asked for and we love it!"


    "We used Brett for our house plans etc, so we can highly recommend his work, professional and easy going manner, resulting in a completely satisfied outcome."


    "We had a wonderful experience with Brett and highly recommend his service. His workmanship is flawless and he is very easy to get along with. Thanks for a wonderful job!!"


    "Our company LB Building Pty Ltd has been working with Treadlite Designs (formerly BKD Design Drafting) for over 5 years. Brett's design work, customer service and experience has been of the highest quality and we would recommend Brett as a building designer. We continue to use Brett as he keeps our clients happy, his plans are easy to interpret and work with on site and he is very easy to communicate with."

The Process


1. Initial Client Meeting

At your initial meeting we will discuss your project so that we have a good idea what you are hoping to achieve. We will listen to your ideas and give you some ideas of our own. We will discuss your budget because we really want your project to be a success and that means being able to afford to build it! After your consultation we will email you a written fixed price quote and provide information about other costs you should expect as part of the process. At this point we will also give you an indication of the permits you may require. In the majority of cases you will need a Building Permit and in some cases a Planning Permit will also apply.

2. Measure up

If you are extending or renovating we will make a time to measure your existing house so we have an accurate starting point.


3. Preliminary floor plan for client review

Whether you are extending, renovating or building we will provide floor plan options for you to consider. It is important at this stage to think carefully about the flow of your house and how you will use each space. You should spend some time making sure it meets all your needs and making changes if required.


4. Soil test and site survey

Most projects will need a soil test and new homes will require a site survey to be completed.


5. Complete your working drawings

Completing ‘working drawings’means we will produce the blueprint for how your house is built. Everything from slab details, window type and size and building materials are specified. It is at this stage that the experience of the building designer is critical. A good designer will save you thousands of dollars if your working drawings are good quality and well considered. At this stage you will need to have an idea of the types of products you want to use in your project including external cladding, plumbing products, kitchen appliances and windows.

6. Structural engineering and energy rating

Once the working drawings are complete they will need to be reviewed by an engineer and energy rater. All building projects will require some input from engineers. This ensures your home will be built safely but not over engineered, which will save you money in the long run. All projects need to be assessed by an energy rater as meeting a 6 Star Energy Rating in order to get a building permit. We are happy to get quotes for these services for you. Once you approve the quote they will complete the required work and send their reports and we will add their detail to your drawings.


7. Plans are then ready to be submitted to a building surveyor to get a building permit.

Unless you are an owner builder, you will need to nominate a builder on the building permit application so it pays to get a few quotes as soon as your plans are completed. You can then submit your application directly to your building surveyor. Once you have your building permit you can start your project!